Kara Abeyta, DVM

Dr. Kara began as a relief veterinarian at WOVH in 2013. We are thrilled to
have her as a full-time associate beginning in 2014.

She is from an Air Force family, born in North Dakota, grew up in
Michigan, spent time in Arkansas, Kansas, Hawaii, and Germany. She graduated from
Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She
moved to the area in 2009 and married a native Floridian, Michael and is
proud to call Winter Garden her home.
Since her daughter Chloe Mae was born in 2015, she spends most of her free
time playing peekaboo but still does enjoy reading, traveling, biking to
the farmers market (with a trailer on the back now), and snuggling with her
four-legged kids: Sienna (cat) and Paipu (Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix).

Winter Garden Vineland Road


Stoneybrook Location