Grateful for the Hospitality

It’s always sad when we lose our pets and putting them down is harder than losing them. I have had lots of dogs as a child but being 32 and having two with my wife I feel like their our kids. I brought a 5 week puppy ridden with worms and on the edge of death to West Orange year ago. I didn’t know Dr. Nadler and I had found the puppy. It had everything but parvo and maybe had 50/50 odds of living at best. He save the dog and I found a home for it  weeks later after it regained strength. The friend who found the dog and I went back to see how much the bill was. Dr. Nadler told him not worry about it and tell the new owners he’ll give them first  set of shot free. What a good story huh? All of us have story’s like this because of West Orange Vet.

I have a Pitbull and a Great-Dane, Catahoula mix and we love them so much.  I have consulted with West Orange Vet on training aids like Prong collars and Leashes, I’ve made emergency visits and they have always been very accommodating to fit me in.  They have help me raise two beautiful and healthy family friends. I am grateful for the hospitality they have shown all of us.