Insightful Imaging

Several of our doctors have undertaken additional training in full abdominal ultrasound imaging, giving us the ability to perform prompt and in-depth imaging often only available at specialty institutions. 


Advanced Imaging for Comprehensive Care

Ultrasound technology offers detailed visualization of organs and is frequently performed to help evaluate gastrointestinal conditions, assess structural urinary tract health, and screen for evidence of cancer.

Ultrasound guidance is also utilized to obtain diagnostic samples from the urinary bladder, abdominal or thoracic fluid, abdominal lymph nodes, and other internal organs when needed.


Expert Interpretation for Optimal Care

To ensure thorough review we send our ultrasound images to a board certified radiologist for a comprehensive report.

We  also have the capability to perform real-time telemedicine consultation with sonographers and radiologists for especially complicated or challenging cases, allowing our patients to receive specialty-level diagnostic results without having to leave the comfort of their home practice. 


Elevate Your Pet’s Care with Ultrasound

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